EXPECT the best. You may expect something special from us. A product in which you recognise yourself, but reaches further than your expectations.

EXCITE It is exciting to create and develop new plans. Your audience should be touched.

EXPLORE new possibilities and insights. Not the usual, but trying to find surprising perspectives. Making use of new technologies alongside traditional means. Technology is a method, never an objective. 

EXCEL An excellent product, with which the client may excel.

Pieter van der Heijden >

Pieter van der Heijden is a founding partner of XPEX and concept developer, imagineer, strategist and management consultant. He sets his creativity, knowledge and experience to work in developing experiential concepts, exhibitions, museums, visitor centers and brand marketing strategies. He also functions as a project and interim manager.

Previously, Pieter was director Experience at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and worked at the Rijksmuseum, Tropenmuseum, Museum De Lakenhal, and PCM/Thieme Meulenhoff. As a freelancer Pieter has worked in the fields of education, exhibitions, multimedia and publishing.

pvdheijden@xpex.com / +31 6 - 227 923 08

Jan Vriezen >

Jan Vriezen is a founding partner of XPEX. As consultant he guides cultural organizations in privatization processes, is responsible for operational and construction management and financial and business advice. In addition, he is available as (interim) manager, especially for business operations.

Previously, Jan was a consultant concerned with financial and management reorganizations in heritage conservation and intensely involved in the privatization of Dutch national museums. At the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, he was deputy director and manager of business operations and the development of the new building.

jvriezen@xpex.com / +31 6 - 538 331 82

Wybe Klaverdijk >

Wybe Klaverdijk is the in-house designer and artist, he is the creative force at XPEX, developing experience concepts, exhibition and the interior (re)design of museums and visitor centers. In addition, Wybe puts his media experience to good use in the development of branding strategies and public communications.

As creative director of Inízio Communicatie Design and Leo Burnett, Wybe developed 2- and 3-dimensional designs for organizations as the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, ING Worldwide, Heineken, Grolsch, Ster and Stage Entertainment and government ministries.

wklaverdijk@xpex.com / +31 6 - 532 792 96

Elvire Jansen >

Elvire Jansen is concept developer. Within XPEX Elvire works on, amongst other things, the Masterplan for Heritage Park Batavialand. Elvire studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam, after which she worked as an educator at the Van Gogh Museum. In the recent years she worked at the Amsterdam Museum as an education and exhibition developer and was responsible for the new housing plans of the museum. 

ejansen@xpex.nl / +31 6 - 425 108 90

Hienke Alberts >

Hienke Alberts is project manager at XPEX who conducts substantive research for projects, managing the production of content and multimedia.

Hienke studied Arts Policy and Management and Art History at the University of Utrecht. While studying she worked for the Department of Art and Culture of the City of Utrecht and the Centraal Museum Utrecht. Before joining XPEX, she worked as a policy advisor in Arts and Culture for the City of Amsterdam.

halberts@xpex.com / +31 6 - 294 941 72

Lotje Pasteuning >

Lotje Pasteuning is project manager at XPEX. She conducts substantive research for projects. Her research is focussed on (art) historical subjects and on collecting and analyzing public data and developments in the cultural sector.

Lotje studied Museology at the Reinwardt Academy, followed by an MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies at Newcastle University and an MA Art History at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies she established LOTmetkunst and worked for, amongst others, Virtual Museum Zuidas, art consultancy Henk de Vroom and Arti et Amicitiae

lpasteuning@xpex.com / +31 6 - 287 627 04

Joris Vriezen >

Joris Vriezen is working at XPEX as project assistant. Joris studied International Business and Management in Groningen. He is involved with financial, organizational and ICT related subjects, for projects such as Madurodam, Doornburgh Estate and Batavialand. Furthermore, he focusses on the development of activities abroad, with an emphasis on China.

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