Welcome Yara Valente!

Since December Yara Valente has strengthened our team, in the role of junior spatial designer. Yara is responsible for the spatial design of concepts. Both in a technical and creative way she translates ideas to a spatial and artistical image.?Yara obtained her MA Architecture at the TU Delft. During her master she spent a few months broadening her horizon in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since, at Made By Mistake she has made physical models for architecture, urban development and landscape design.

A new vision for the Texel Lighthouse

XPEX produced a “Vision document” which provides a guide for the future of the Texel Lighthouse. The tower is the icon of the island, which is engraved in the memory of seagoing people, and gives the islanders a feeling of coming home. The lighthouse has a rich history, but mostly an awesome view. The document was based on interviews with employees, management and subject-matter experts. The coming months we participate in turning the vision into concrete objectives.

A new step for Sound and Vision

Shortly before the Christmas Holidays Sound and Vision in Hilversum reached a milestone: the Preliminary Design of the redevelopment of the museum was completed. XPEX is responsible for the artistic direction. The Sound and Vision Experience (opened in 2006) has to make place for a completely new interior, for which XPEX two years ago made the Masterplan and concept. For this project we work with Tinker (spatial design), Kiss the Frog (multimedia), Redrum (video) and ACTLD (light). The new museum will take the visitor on a fully interactive experience about the impact of audiovisual media on our lives, now and in the past. Until then behind the screens the hard work continues. Approximately 10.000 fragments will be selected to show new and old, from silent movies to Snapchat and everything in between. It will be mega!

The Dutch Fortress Museum steps outside its walls

Naarden-Vesting is one of the best kept fortress cities of Europe, and played a crucial role in the history of the Netherlands. Also of the world, since the Dutch exported the knowledge to build such defensive structures over half the world. In Naarden, one of the bastions (arrow-shaped projections of the city wall) houses the Dutch Fortress Museum. XPEX developed a masterplan and feasibility study, which elaborate on how the museum can become modern, moving, relevant and successful. The XPEX plan includes storytelling presentations in both museum and city: on existing walls and in historical bunkers. They take the visitor to three key moments in history: the fights during the uprising against the Spaniards in 1572, the Disaster Year 1672 (when the French invaded the Netherlands) and during the era of Napoleon. The first success was already achieved: The museum acceded to the Canon museums in the Netherlands, as figurehead of the window Napoleon.

Where lies the future for Museum Weesp?

Museum Weesp is located on a floor of the 18th century city hall of the fortress town of Weesp. With Weesp merging with Amsterdam the question is raised: does the role of the museum change? What effects will this have in terms of governance? Also: can Museum Weesp take advantage from the tourist infrastructure of Amsterdam? XPEX was assigned to provide city and museum management with strategic advice on the future of Museum Weep. XPEX performed a number of interviews with subject-matter experts and interested parties, and held a vision session in the city hall. Based on the results we made a number of recommendations and scenarios, and developed a starting point for the use of the monumental city hall as cultural attraction: more than only a museum. The advice will be officially presented to the city council in February.

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