Suddenly we live in an unreal situation. Many people work from home. Schools, restaurants, more and more shops: closed. And the museums have their doors shut, until June 1st at the least. We express our support to all museums and cultural institutions that had to close their doors. In the meantime, behind the curtains we keep working... for our beloved, inspiring public spaces will open once more, with the same assignment as before: to refresh the mind.

Taking steps?

Certainly everywhere, due to measures taken regarding the covid-19 virus, museum projects and initiatives have stagnated. Hard decisions are being taken. At the same time an unexpected inventiveness arises, and special collaborations are created. Institutions indicate there is time and thinking space for the future. When we can open our doors again, what do we do? What will our programming look like? Can we already prime ourselves for that one project? What does this disaster change about our worldview, about our perception of ourselves and our culture? How do we exhibit this new worldview?

We have many years of experience in the world of museum and monument, we know the ropes. From organizing having sufficient income to investing in good stories and the development of a clear concept. We are happy to think along with you: forming ideas, giving advice, a second opinion, laying the first basis for a concept. Or simply a virtual cup of coffee. Because together we take care of the sector. Feel free to call or to send an e-mail. We are not all together at the office, but we can all be reached.

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