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A cleanroom in Space Expo

In the Netherlands, Space Expo is the museum on the subject of space travel. Space Expo is located near ESTEC in Noordwijk, the technical heart of the European space travel of European space travel organization ESA.

A few years ago, Space Expo selected XPEX to develop a renewal in the form of a Master Plan. In 2020 the first steps for the renewal have been executed, including building a ‘cleanroom’: a clean testing space with real objects from the space industry, such as gigantic solar panels, a satellite as small as a milk bottle and a test model of a Mars rover. Fortunately, this summer Space Expo re-opened. In the décor of the clean room Space Expo presents a special and temporary corona proof museum experience. Astronaut André Kuipers and writer Sander Koenen take you on a virtual mission through the museum.


Persons in hiding in the Netherlands Open Air Museum

What a beautiful assignment and what a great new cooperation! The Dutch Open Air Museum has asked us to develop a presentation for the vacation house of the family Gies, which will be placed in the museum park in a year or 2. This house stood in the town of Warnsveld, in the province of Gelderland until 2018. It has been taken apart and transferred to the museum. What makes this house so special is that from 1938 until 1945 it provided shelter for many persons in hiding, mostly German Jews fleeing to the Netherlands or further away. The assignment from the museum to XPEX: make the presence of the persons in hiding perceptible and tell their stories, but keep the house and interior intact: it should be like visiting a normal house from that era.

For this assignment XPEX works together with GoWonder, a company from Rotterdam that we know from earlier collaborations, such as Sesjat the Ship’s Cat: the interactive cuddly toy developed by GoWonder for the smaller visitors at Batavialand. Their specialism: smart technology in surprising packages, for educational and playful applications. Together we will develop the interior of the vacation house Warnsveld into an interactive space which the whole family explores together. The house and interior will look like it’s 1940, while the walls and furniture will tell you the stories of the Gies family and their persons in hiding. Exciting and moving! The first step: fundraising. The Netherlands Open Air Museum is currently searching for funds to make the project reality. When the fundraising is complete we can start!

City Museum becomes a boarding house

City Museum Harderwijk has started the thorough renovation of their building, as well as the renewal of presentations. The XPEX-developed concept “boarding house Harderwijk” we can now further design and realize.

Harderwijk has always been a city of transient visitors, a stop-over for people staying for shorter or longer durations. This shapes a city, it provides character. This is why Harderwijk is bursting with stories to tell. ‘Boarding House Harderwijk’ is a total concept that will be carried through the whole building, from ground level up to the attic, as well as into the city. We do this together with Kloosterboer Decor (exhibition build), Rnul Interactive (interactives), Hanneke van der Linden (AV-productions), Alex Debicki (sound design), Leo Zandvliet (set dressing), Robert Alberdingk Thijm (scenario writer) and Natasja Bennink (sculptor).

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