After the merger of the Bataviawerf (shipyard), the Nieuwland Erfgoedcentrum and the department of underwater archeology of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, XPEX made a vision document for the newly formed Batavialand. This year XPEX developed a Masterplan and first sketches for the newly to develop heritage park. The functions, themes and visitor journey of the park were visualized in an attractive spatial planning for a large audience. We worked together with Shift architecture urbanism.


Besides that, we made the longest showcase of the Netherlands. A 60 meter long embroidery, which took 25 women 14 years of uninterrupted work: the Flevowall. It depicts the history of Flevoland, from the ice ages until now. XPEX was responsible for the exhibition design, which includes the longest showcase of the Netherlands! The realization was carried out together with Heijmerink Wagemakers, Raar Ontwerp and Kick Stockvis.


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