Up until 1940, the Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Theater) was a popular venue in the Plantage area of Amsterdam. During World War II, only Jewish musicians and artistes were allowed to perform there for a strictly Jewish audience and its name was changed to Joodsche Schouwburg (Jewish Theater). Soon after, it was used for another purpose. From August 1942, Jews from Amsterdam and the surroundings were collected here for deportation to concentration and extermination camps. Today the Hollandsche Schouwburg is a war memorial and educational center. Its management is investigating the possibility of turning it into the Dutch National Shoa (Holocaust) Museum and a center for reflection, memorial, debate, exhibitions, music, and performance.
The Hollandsche Schouwburg has invited the consortium of Aronsohn engineers, Hypsos design/production, and XPEX to conduct a feasibility study. Process manager Paul Overakker is heading the project team conducting the study.

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