King opened Het Hof of the Netherlands

On King’s Day [April 27] King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima opened Museum Het Hof of the Netherlands in Dordrecht by signing a modern translation of the minutes of the first Free State Assembly. The new museum stands on the spot where the foundation of the independent Dutch Republic was laid in 1572.

XPEX developed the spectacular concept and design of impressive exhibits that take the visitor along on a trip through the history of Dordrecht, and of the Netherlands. Two crucial historical events are central: the First Free State Assembly and the National Synod of 1619, which established the Dutch nation together. In addition, historical objects, multimedia presentations and interactions bring the Middle Ages, the period when Dordrecht was the largest city in Holland, the disastrous floods and the industrial revolution to life in a very special way. 

The highlight of a visit to Het Hof is the film of the Free State Assembly of 1572, directed by Theu Boermans (Nationale Toneel, Soldier of Orange, Anne), scenario writer Robert Alberdingk Thijm and producer 1augustus. XPEX developed idea and concept of this film about this crucial moment in the establishment of the Netherlands. The film stars top Dutch actors Victor Löw, Anniek Pheifer and Cees Geel and is screened in the actual hall where the assembly took place in 1572. Click here to watch the trailer of the film.

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