Where lies the future for Museum Weesp?

Museum Weesp is located on a floor of the 18th century city hall of the fortress town of Weesp. With Weesp merging with Amsterdam the question is raised: does the role of the museum change? What effects will this have in terms of governance? Also: can Museum Weesp take advantage from the tourist infrastructure of Amsterdam? XPEX was assigned to provide city and museum management with strategic advice on the future of Museum Weep. XPEX performed a number of interviews with subject-matter experts and interested parties, and held a vision session in the city hall. Based on the results we made a number of recommendations and scenarios, and developed a starting point for the use of the monumental city hall as cultural attraction: more than only a museum. The advice will be officially presented to the city council in February.
Image: Museum Weesp

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