The Boerhaave Rijksmuseum in Leiden is Netherlands’ treasure house of science and medicine (the national museum of the history of science and medicine). In 2014, the museum decided on a complete redesign, coinciding with renovation of the building. XPEX was responsible for the design management. The content, developed by the museum, was translated into core concepts, customer journeys and presentation briefings. XPEX then led the tenders to designers, lighting designers and performers and managed the design team of Studio Louter, Opera, Shosho, BeersNielsen and GadoGado and the construction team with Bruns and Mansveld. In addition, XPEX chaired the internal team that provided content, monitored budget and planning, and contacts with building renovation, project managers and the steering committee. Rijksmuseum Boerhaave reopened in December 2017 and received 5 star reviews. In2019 it was declared European Museum of the Year.

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