St. Walburga’s Church, Zutphen

Imposing St. Walburga’s is a magnificent Gothic church on the outskirts of the city center of Zutphen. It is still in use as a church and incidentally has one of the finest organs in the Netherlands. Its unique Librije, a library 500 years old, is located in one of the chapels. Nowadays the church plays only a minor role in local cultural offerings and maintaining it places a heavy financial burden on the church council. In collaboration with Paul Overakker from WagenaarHoes Organisatie-advies, XPEX has prepared a feasibility study on the exploitation and developed a new user concept. XPEX has also advised on a program intended to enhance the recognition factor of St. Walburga’s and develop its role as a living landmark in the “ancient heart of Zutphen.”

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