The Archive of Dordrecht is moving to a new site, and not just any old site: the historical monument Het Hof, where in 1572 the First Meeting of the Free States (Eerste Vrije Statenvergadering) was held, signifying the birth of the Netherlands as an independent country. XPEX developed the concept and interior design, including the public areas and exhibition rooms, and the (digital) services of the new center in the buildings of Het Hof. XPEX is working together with Mecanoo Architects on this project.

In cooperation with the National Theatre Company, XPEX produces a 3D-film on the important historical venue that took place in the Hall of States (Statenzaal): the first Meeting of Free States (Eerste Vrije Statenvergadering) in 1572. At the same time, XPEX is asked to come up with a brand strategy and a communication platform to position ’t Hof.

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