The Fokker Concept

The Fokker Spin Centennial Working Group commissioned XPEX to design a commemorative exhibition about Anthony Fokker and his flight in the Spin single-seater airplane on Queens Day, 1911. XPEX chose to focus on Fokker’s personal ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit and to convey the excitement of seeing the Spin in flight on that day in 1911. Visitors could admire the real aircraft and also enjoy some great historic film footage and photographs of Haarlem and Fokker that showed how well the creative innovations by Fokker’s company contributed to the development of aviation.

Called “The Fokker Concept. The day a clever boy of 21 flew around the church", the exhibition was a huge success. Although it only lasted four short weeks, it attracted well over 30,000 visitors to St. Bavo’s Church.

In an item of the NOS Journaal (2nd of August) one can see the transportation of the Spin Aeroplain to the St. Bavo's Church.

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