Vismijn Breskens

Every day in the harbor town of Breskens in Zeeland, fish is ‘mined’ or brought ashore from the sea at the Vismijn (literally, fish ‘mine’ or market). The Vismijn is one of the few places where you can truly experience the fisherman’s life and all aspects of sea produce. Upgrading this unique fish market to a quality tourist attraction, as the Municipality of Breskens is contemplating, is a great opportunity.
Hypsos commissioned XPEX to design a concept for the upgrade. Our concept doesn’t just focus on the Vismijn but also includes the Visserijmuseum (Fishery Museum) and adjacent buildings, turning the whole quay into a landmark attraction. We have revised the appearance of the entire area, placing recognizable identifiers that can be seen from far off and forming a chain of attractive components around the basic Vismijn process. The Hypsos/XPEX combination won the pitch for the project and began Phase 1, further developing the concept and design, in December 2011.

XPEX Experience Experts

The Netherlands